• Susan Pope

A King in You!

I was blessed to minister a dance with my father for Father’s day. In preparation for this dance I

listened to different songs and prayed that God would give me just the right message to dance. I settled on the song “There is a King in You” by Donald Lawrence. As I started working on choreography I realized how important this message was not just to the men who would be in the congregation but to my dad as well. Sometimes daddy gets depressed because he thinks he is a bother to everyone. He just turned 93, suffers from COPD and struggles every day just to breathe. He is a humble, proud man who is not used to being dependent on others to take care of him.

As I began to choreograph I realized I needed to have my dad on stage with me. I wanted him to embody the words of the song:

You come from Royalty, An aristocratic Dynasty. The goal of the enemy, Is that you don’t know who you are. There’s power when you speak. Be mindful of words you release. I know that life has challenged you, But the King in me speaks to the King in you. You were born to rule. There is a king in you.

I wanted my dad to know that I am who I am today because he poured so much into me. By example he taught me to care for others and take pride in what I do. He taught me to be the best at whatever I decided to do with my life, whether it was a dancer or a sanitation worker – be the best. I also wanted my dad and the men in the congregation to realize their rich heritage. I wanted them to know that they are loved and valued.

I was apprehensive about asking daddy to come on stage with me. I told him he didn’t have to do anything, just be there with me. He asked to listen to the song. When I played it for him, he closed his eyes and smiled. I knew then this was going to be special. We danced that day like never before. Daddy responded to every move I made. We were both consumed by the spirit and our love for each other.

Once he asked me, “why do you all make such a fuss over me? I explained to him that he taught us to celebrate our elders. My grandmother, his mom, lived to be 100 years old and we always celebrated her birthday in grand style. So we carry on the tradition of celebrating his life. Today I celebrate my dad for being the best dad ever, my first example of love and my favorite dance partner. Happy Father’s day


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