• Susan Pope

Jane Do does incredible things!

In an effort to promote dance and fitness, I DANCE BECAUSE had our first fundraiser today at Jane Do in Jersey City. When I first heard the name Jane Do - I thought "what in the world does that mean?" I quickly found out.

"Jane DO allows every woman to find her strength through fitness so she can go outside the studio and DO incredible things."

The owners of this studio, who are former Rockettes, created a top-caliber, trend-setting total body workout, giving their clients the STRENGTH OF AN ATHLETE with the BODY OF A DANCER

What an amazing workout we had. Our trainer Becca pushed us hard. She didn't let the moans and

occasional OMG distract her from her goal of pushing us to our limit. We learned 6 small routines, worked on abs and arms, all while dancing our a** off. The class started with a quick warm up to loosen up our joints and warm up our muscles. After that we started learning our routines. A little jazz, hip-hop and funk - we DANCED! In no time all 6 routines were done. We did some strength training and reviewed all six routines. The class ended on the mat working on our abs. There was something for everyone. Even the babies danced!

This signature class of theirs is definitely a winner. If you are looking for a way to get those pounds off quickly, stop in to this trendy studio and take one of their classes. You won't be disappointed. Stay tuned for more I DANCE BECAUSE events as we strive to celebrate dance and the positive and effective way it changes one's life for the better.


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