• Susan Pope


A senior at St. Benedict's Prep in Newark, NJ, Judah literally grew up in the church. He is a

hardworking teenager who balances a strict academic schedule with a busy social life and a demanding rehearsal schedule. Judah developed a passion for dance at an early age. He started dancing when he was about 3 years old with the Allen Liturgical Dance Ministry (ALDM). The son of Honorable Edward Marable, Jr., Esq and Rev. Eyesha Marable, deemed the dancing preacher, Although all of his family, including his sister Honor, danced in church Judah didn’t start training professionally until his Junior year in high school. He is now a rising star with a vision, purpose and passion that sets him apart from his peers. He is definitely one to watch.

Judah’s passion for dance was birthed at the Allen Cathedral in Queens, NY. He recalls his first memory of dancing with ALDM when he was about 6 or 7 years old. “We were ministering to Richard Smallwood - Anthem of Praise. I came running out into the sanctuary for our part and then the older boys came running out after us. They came out yelling with such passion and fire. As they passed me, I said good luck to them but they were so focused on their part they didn’t even notice or acknowledge me.” That was Judah’s first lesson in the amount of focus and concentration needed to be effective. Their level of professionalism gave him something to aspire to.

In an effort to find his own path, Judah tried many different things growing up - football, wrestling, track, etc... but dance kept calling. He continued to dance with ALDM off and on. He noticed dance is where he felt most at home. One day as he was stretching for a track meet, a dancers mom noticed him and said to him “that's not the way athletes stretch. You are stretching like a dancer, you need to dance!” Judah took her advice and began auditioning for different programs. He was offered scholarships to almost every program he auditioned for but he finally decided on Harlem School of the Arts.(HSA). Before he knew it he was travelling to Harlem 3 times a week for ballet classes. “Now I take 6 ballet classes a week. Some students my age are further along but I don’t have time to complain about it, I just have to bite the bullet and keep going.”

Judah believes dance is his way out. “Sports is a typical way out for boys my age in Newark. Before I took dance seriously, I was missing that thing that made me want to push. When I found dance, it was like a double edge sword. It saved my life by teaching me how to maintain a grind. It showed me that you can be different and still fit in at the same time.”

Judah plans to attend an HBCU and double major in dance and business. “I want to go to an

HBCU because I want to go to school with people that look like me. Black ballerinas, black dancers empower me.” It is no coincidence that Judah’s name means praise. After college he plans to start a Liturgical dance company. He intends on being the next Alvin Ailey of Liturgical dance. Be on the lookout for this dynamic dancer/choreographer. He is going to elevate praise not just in our churches but in the world.


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