• Lauren MacAllister

Chasing my Dreams

"Dance is the passion that feeds my soul." - Lauren MacAllister

“I couldn’t keep my eyes off you!”, “I love your energy”, “Are you sure this is for you?”, “Have you considered another major?”, “Your body, lets work on that.”

Dance has presented me with some of my most mighty highs and my rock bottom lows. Nevertheless, it has been the one constant love and passion in my life, sometimes a journey up a steep hill, sometimes as blissful as the warm summer breeze of spring on your back.

I had always been in your typical “Susie's Tap and Touch” dance recitals, the costumes the competitions, the expenses. However, it wasn’t until I attended ACES Educational Center for the Arts in New Haven, CT that my whole life transformed before my eyes. It was here at this school, dance opened up a passion that I don’t think I have even seen the full capacity of. I witness and experienced my teachers change the lives of my classmates as well as myself. It was in this moment I knew I would dance everyday of my life.

Then came Montclair State University (MSU), a double major in dance performance and dance education with a certification in grades k-12. At MSU I was told I wouldn’t make it, I compared myself to others until it literally broke me, BUT I NEVER gave up.

Upon graduation I have worked tirelessly and passionately to make all my dance dreams a reality, consistently training and performing in New York City and teaching full time in the Newark Public Schools (NPS) for the past few years. It was here in NPS that my dance journey saw a whole new light, my STUDENTS. My students have re-ignited a burning passion for dance that I didn’t know was possible to experience. They work so hard to show me their respect and dedication to the art that it makes me want to work harder than before.

As far as my journey to come, I am just beyond grateful for each day I wake up and get to do what I love, a colleague of mine recently said to me “ How can we encourage our students to chase their dreams if we are not chasing ours.” This is especially prominent in my journey because I am ready to challenge myself in new ways and take my careers to new heights!

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