• LaVerne Duncan

Love at First Bite!

Literally, at a tender age of toddlerhood Kaleigh Hunt fell in love with dance! From that point on dance has made a difference in her life. Having her 1st performance at 2yrs old and now a strong, athletic and powerful 10-year-old, her parents describe her as having a lot of passion for dance anytime she gets into her dance shoes! She is a powerful/competitive dancer with “Steps in Motion” in Charlotte, N.C. where she has danced for 8 years now. Seeing her dance is truly a treat. While dancing Kaleigh exhibits focus, motivation, passion and creativity. Kaleigh’s favorite style of dancing is Jazz Funk, and the reason being she states, “it brings out my inner me. I just get to be myself and show my sassy side and improv my heart out!” Knowing Kaleigh, I can truly testify that dance makes a difference in her life. Her family is very supportive in her succeeding as a dancer. Her Dad has performed in the dads dance at Steps in Motion for the past 3 years, her little sister Lily does a hip-hop class at Steps and her Mom is an active dance mom who helps Kaleigh get ready for all her performances while making all her dreams come true. Dancing has helped her with being confident and not afraid to show her moves in a big crowd. She credits dance for helping her to be disciplined with time management and getting homework done on the days she is not in the studio. I surprisingly made a guest appearance at one of Kaleigh’s performances with Steps in Motion at Ovens Theatre and what I witnessed was beyond what I imagined from this little then 9-year-old dancer! She can make you dance in your seat!! Her creative facial expressions along with her rhythmic moves, confidence, grace and poise blew me away! In addition to all that, watching her cheer for her fellow dance-mates was heartfelt.

When asked, why do you dance?Kaleigh’s response: I DANCE BECAUSE; “Dancing is fun and energizing, and it makes me feel happy. Dance has made a difference in my life in many ways. It has made me graceful and stronger and more flexible. As I hear music I want to dance. I also love to wear the pretty costumes, wear make-up and especially the fake eyelashes!!! Dance is my life!”


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