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Footwork with a Purpose

I Dance Because....It helps to promote a healthier lifestyle. While our primary focus is to promote the ideals of

dance as a major component to wellness, it is our mission to make a difference in the lives of people from all walks of life. Our motto is “Footwork with a Purpose” and our mission is to promote a Quality of Life agenda that is solely committed to reaching out and helping others whose circumstances make it difficult for them to achieve things on their own. The I am Kenny J Productions (IAKJP) Social Club is an organization committed to facilitating the efforts of "I am Kenny J Productions" and assisting in its goals to promote community wellness and strengthen the lifestyles of people regardless of their situation in life.

We dance because it offers us many opportunities to give back to the community. We are able to offer what we call the Charitable Line Dance tours. Here, we visit different agencies, senior citizen homes, troubled youth facilities and the likes thereof and provide fun filled segments of bonding via the teaching of Soul line dance classes. We host line dance parties each month where a theme is the basis of our efforts to give back to the community. We do coat drives, food drives, toy drives, school supplies, Senior Citizen needs, and Book drives, just to name a few. We support the likes of the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association with our annual Dance-A-Thon. We’ve raised thousands of dollars to support the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Walk in Philadelphia. Through our proceeds from the dances we host, we’ve given back to our youth by way of scholarships. This is why we dance! Check out our “Footwork with a Purpose” at www.iamkennyj.com

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