Welcome to the wonderful world of dance.

The mission of I Dance Because is to provide workshops, resources, scholarship, inspiration and motivation to all those who love to dance.

I Dance Because started as a school project where my students and I began to research all the reasons people dance. With the help of an ArtStart grant from the Newark Arts Council, our project turned into a book and now into this website.

This website is to inspire the next generation of dancers.  Locate a dance event, find a dance teacher, post a comment on the blog, buy a dance book or explore . A portion of the proceeds from items purchased will be used to fund I Dance Because Scholarship Fund; a program set up to send  young dancers to the dance school of their choice.

Why do I dance? I dance because it is my connection to my emotions... my love of God... my love of love of me! I Dance Because...

Each month our website will spotlight a dancer and his or her story about why they dance. For some it is  a hobby or past time. For others it is their link to the world. What is your reason for dancing? If so many love dance so much, why do we stop as life gets busy. If you know of a special dancer whose story needs to be told please email us at Check out our montly newsletter.

Now explore our website. There is something for everyone. Check out PraiseMoves (the Christian alternative to Yoga) as an excellent way to keep your body in shape while meditating on God's word.  Spend time and journey with us as we explore this beautiful art form through the eyes of lovers of dance.